31 Oct 2013

August 2014 (1)

My garden is not really big enough to grow much fruit, but by careful selection of varieties, especially dwarf varieties, I am able to grow enough to make a useful addition to our diet.  

We get enough produce from Apples, Blackberries, Olives, Lemons and Apricots to be able to preserve a surplus.  The rest we consume immediately as they are harvested.

I use this blog as a database of information collected through my own experiences and from the publications of other enthusiasts on the web, on TV or in print.  It will evolve and mature over time as my experiences and research improve the content.

My aim is to provide a comprehensive guide for people living in similar climatic conditions to grow tasty and nourishing fruit using sustainable practices.  Give me a hand if you are willing by offering your comments and recommendations.